To receive news, updates and tour packages via email. Seattle City Light, Seattle's publicly owned electric power utility Mt Ossa is: - 1617 meters - Tasmania's highest mountain - On the West side of Pelion Gap (The Overland Track from Pelion Hut to Kia Ora Hut goes through Pelion Gap.) After a short descent to the Kanalos location at 1500m, you are taken back to Spilia for your return. Here you will find everything you need . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. For added challeng I decided to tackle it from the Lees Paddocks track making the round trip 42kms with about 1200m of climbing. Nothing like a bit of levity before a  45 minute extremely steep trail straight up into the clouds. What a moment. Mt Ossa, 3.23 mi / 5.2 km round trip, Tasmania's tallest mountain (5,305 ft / 1,617 m) Mt Pelion East, 1.49 mi / 2.4 km round trip; D’Alton and Fergusson Falls, 0.62 mi / 1 km round trip; Hartnett Falls 0.93 mi / 1.5 km round trip, make sure you go down to the bottom; Pine Valley Hut 2.92 mi /4.7 km one-way Kissavos (Ossa). It was so very nice though to see our car waiting patiently in the car park. The fully guided walk begins at Waldheim in Cradle Valley and journeys some 65 kilometres through to Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest natural lake. Mt Ossa was my chosen goal. You accommodation each evening will be in the only private huts along the trail where a hot shower, drying rooms and twin room accommodation awaits. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ... Pelion West and Mt Ossa. Prices from $3,695 pp At 1617m it doesn’t sound that impressive, but reaching the summit is something of an expedition, even in good weather. We planned to spend two nights at New Pelion Hut, the central Overland Track hikers hut, to give us a whole day to summit Mt Ossa. Hiking on Mt. At the top the 360 degree view is amazing. This was serious climbing at great height. So we figured we had missed our opportunity as it was unlikely we would ever complete the whole Overland Track again. The all important day. Overland Track From $2299 Make an Enquiry 8 Days 6 Day Trek Meals Included Intermediate 2 nights hotel 5 Nights Camp The Experience Departure Dates Itinerary Inclusions Extras Gallery Reviews FAQ Custom Trips Overland Track Nestled in the heart of the Tasmanian bush, The Overland Track has become world-famous due to its stunning views, unique … Overland Track Read More » Athos emerging out of the sea in the very distance to the east. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. The Freycinet Experience Walk covers the length of the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania's east coast. Those sublime views were the most amazing reward for having made the effort to do this. Located in the Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park, Ossa is composed mainly of dolerite, as is nearby Cradle Mt. 25 contributions 3 helpful votes. It got so challenging a bit further up that we were actually having second thoughts on whether to go on. Mt Ossa is located pretty much in the middle of the Overland Track and is a four day walk in. Our signature adventure does not include multiple side trips, but there is the opportunity on Day 4 to summit Mount Ossa. Before Kitchen Hut, turn right to Face Track. Many other peaks in Tasmania have names derived from the legends and tales of ancient Greece. We walked on a trail that at times became a river, slid on tree roots, sloshed in deep mud and due to persistent clouds we missed all the views. As the name suggests, the park is made of mountains and lakes, including Cradle Mountain, Barn Bluff, access via the Overland Track requires 2-3 days walk in from either Lake St Clair in the south … Otherwise you book within another group. Mt Ossa is located pretty much in the middle of the Overland Track and is a four day walk in. So we figured we had missed our opportunity as it was unlikely we would ever complete the whole Overland Track again. The walk up Mt Ossa started off easy but turned a little challenging as we got higher. Mt. The above prices concern individuals and small groups of up to 8-10 persons. Take the Overland Track in the direction to Crater Falls and Marions Lookout. Had lunch beside a lake in the mist. It levelled off somewhat after that and we crossed rivers balancing on logs which was a bit hairy and I had a big fat leach sucking on my head. It is the only major route from the east to the central part of the Overland Track, where wraparound views of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park can be enjoyed from the Pelion area after a day of walking. A side trip to Tasmania’s highest peak Mount Ossa (1617 m) can provide 360 degree views across to Frenchman’s Cap and beyond. Kissavos (Ossa). Or Mount Ossa, the highest peak in Tassie. It is a very interesting route with great views all along, not to speak of the view from the summit itself, where you are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the region including the Aegean Sea, the Plain of Thessaly, Mount Olympus, Mount Pelion, the Pinios River delta and in clear weather – not very unlikely – the huge pyramid of Mt. You'll walk above Lake Wilks following a steep path. and you don’t need to purchase the costly Overland Track pass to do it. Route: “To the main summit of Mt. It was really the most amazing natural high feeling (no pun intended). Eleven of us, for some reason, decided to turn the four-hour walk into a nine-hour walk to summit the state's highest peak. Family (min age 13 - 14 yrs), Idividual adults / Groups / Corporare. At times the track became a river, we slipped on tree roots and walked in mud. Luckily by day four the camaraderie was at an all time high, as we cheered each other on to make it up Mount Ossa. A little bit of google research goes a long way. I don’t know if I’ve happened to mention it before but I adore Tasmania. guided walk along Tasmania’s iconic Overland Track Get up to 50% off. Come join our most loved iconic walk. Mount Ossa is Tasmania’s highest mountain. We were both so tired but in a contented, satisfied kind of way. But for the average walker conquering Ossa … Start the hike at Ronny Creek Car Park. We walked a total of 38.7 km all up and it was so worth it. Also check out my blog post on hiking into THE WALLS OF JERUSALEM Hiking the Walls of Jerusalem NP TASMANIA An absolute must do hike in Tasmania. During the 5-7 days it takes to complete, walkers will experience dense rainforests, vast sclerophyll forests, beautiful waterfalls and epic mountain vistas, all while having the option to either camp or stay in huts. So on our third visit to Tasmania on a grand and glorious road trip we decided to ‘give it a bash’. From New Pelion Hut the summit is about eight-hours return. Mount Ossa is the highest mountain in Tasmania, at 1,617 metres (5,305 ft). What is included in the price for the day-activities? The track soon became reminiscent of what I imagine the donkey trails in … The route progresses on the south west slopes of the mountain. It was just the most adventurous experience. Continue on the same track to the Historic Kitchen Hut. So with that ticked off the bucket list we were able to enjoy the more leisurely stroll in the sunshine back to New Pelion Hut where we spent another enjoyable night chatting to those folks doing the hard yards on the Overland Track. I shudder at the memory. On our first visit to Tasmania as a couple in 2010, we flew in and completed the seven day hike of the world famous Overland Track. • Introductory beginners’ briefing. Ossa requires a 2-3 day walk in from the nearest carpark and facilities, either at Dove Lake in the north, or Lake St. Clair in the south. We were hooked with both hiking and Tasmania. Luckily by day four, the camaraderie was at an all-time high, as we cheered each other on to make it up Mount Ossa. Mt Ossa - The Roof of Tasmania Via The ARM RIVER TRACK. I climbed Mount Ossa via the Arm River track just over a week ago. Even the thriving metropolis of Hobart has a uniqueness. 6 Day/5 Night . For the activity of rafting, for every group of 8 persons one person is for free. Canyoning for Ιndividual Αdults & Family (min 16 years), Rafting, Inflatable kayaking & River canoeing Info, Rock Climbing & Inflatable Kayaking / Monorafting, Hiking & Via Cordata or Rock climbing in Meteora, Via Cordata / Ferrata & Hiking (full crossing of the Tempi valley), Adult individuals & Family (min age 13 – 14 years), Adult individuals & Family (min age 15 – 16 years), Adult individuals & Family (min age 17 years). We meet at the village of Spilia and the walk starts from here. Experience a fully guided walk beginning at Waldheim in Cradle Valley and journeying 65 kms through to Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest natural lake Opportunities for optional side trips including Mt Ossa – Tasmania’s highest peak (weather permitting), Lake Will and a number of lookouts and waterfalls There was only one other vehicle there and with us the car park was full. I would do it as a two day walk and camp somewhere high. A quick lunch because we had a few leaches. Biking. Of course we knew how very important it was to time the adventure with the weather and some careful planning ensued. The trail is we… Clambering over the boulder scree required them. Mt Ossa is reached on an offshoot half-way along the track. We meet at the village of Spilia and the walk starts from here. Celebrated as Tasmania’s premier wilderness walk, the world-famous Overland Track is a magnificent 65km alpine walk within the Wilderness World Heritage Area listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Tomorrow was the day the sun was supposed to shine. A Walk in W. J. T. Mitchell’s Holy Landscape Author: Abramson, Larry Is Part Of: Culture, Theory and Critique, 2009, Vol.50(2), p.275-288 [Peer Reviewed Journal] • Hot herbal drink and cookies during the activity. This is the start of the Arm River Track. What we loved about the hike, is that you have to hike it from north to south in high season, so you barely see other hikers during the day. Day 4 of the Overland Track in Tasmania was another day that i'll never forget. Cradle Mountain Huts Walk: Superb experience, Easter 2019 - See 197 traveller reviews, 296 candid photos, and great deals for Hagley, Australia, at Tripadvisor. Over six days experience Australia’s most iconic walk the Overland Track. Incidentally it was drizzling with rain and cold but we knew it would be. We did it with a tour group and it was our first taste of extended hiking. [1] It lies in the heart of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.The entire mountain is composed of Jurassic dolerite and the peak is named after Mount Ossa in Greece, which features in Greek mythology. The walk back down the Arm River Track was also in pleasant weather so we saw it in a whole different perspective the following day. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ossa by the southwest side”. You start at Ronny Creek, walk through the spectacular landscape of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, and finish at Australia’s deepest lake, St Claire Lake. It starts at 850m and finishes at 1978m at the summit of Prophet Elias. Following the Narcissus River downstream towards Lake St Clair provides great views of The Acropolis and Mt … • All the appropriate equipment necessary for the activity. The walk started with drizzle, turned to rain, the wind was perpetually icy cold, it sleeted on us and then finally it snowed. For larger or much larger groups, the prices can be reduced, after our mutual agreement. This is the perfect place for a well deserved rest. Old Andado Homestead and the Red Sand of the Simpson Desert. There is a 12.2 km shortcut (on foot) that intersects with the Overland Track called the Arm River Track. ( Log Out /  The Arm River Track is a diverse ascent through lush forest to an alpine plateau. From camp we continue walking south through Myrtle forest, past tufted Pandani trees, then up to the saddle (1113m) between Mount Pelion East and Mount Ossa. The Finke River 4WD Route (The Boggy Hole Track), Karma Waters Station on the Mitchell River - Camping around Cairns - North Queensland, A life changing road trip from Cairns to Alice Springs, BOGGY HOLE - Finke Gorge National Park, Central Australia. Replay Video. This was in January. to prepare and get excited about your adventure, all in one document. One minute into the hike we had to cross a small stream and Kevin sank in thick mud. If you’re a group of at least 4 people, normaly, you have the flexibility to book any activity at any time you choose. You can see the whole national park. Weather permitting you will have the opportunity to climb Tasmania’s highest mountain – Mount Ossa. The track soon became reminiscent of what I imagine the donkey trails in the Himalayas look like. • Picnic meal with seasonal traditional Greek dishes. By no means a high mountain by world standards, Mount Ossa can still lay claim to being the highest mountain in the Australian island state of Tasmania. The route takes approximately 4.30’ to 5.30’ hours of moderate to demanding walk. Day 4 to summit Mount Ossa. From pick-up times to gear lists, daily distances to accommodation details, this is your Cradle Mountain Huts Adventure Walk go-to-guide. Ossa by the southwest side”. • Guiding by experienced – specialized guides / instructors. We followed Maggs Road to the end and found the tiny car park which is near where the Maggs and Arm Road meet. Tom Polk wrote a review Apr 2020. All I can say is thank goodness for long legs. Unique Ossa Stickers designed and sold by artists. Play Video. The walk descends past a dilapidated old ski hut on Twilight Tarn before swinging back to Lake Dobson. It was actually hilarious. It was a lovely walk. The 65km walk between these 2 po… ( Log Out /  It’s a bit of a local secret. Great start. Never say never though. Luckily we banished those traitorous thoughts and after a false summit or two finally found ourselves perched upon the roof of Tasmania. You can also get to Mt Ossa via the Arm River Track. It is a great walk and it is possible to do it in one day in summer, it took me 10.5 hours including messing around at the summit for 15 minutes trying to climb the summit rock and failing. The only regret we had was that we were unable to climb Mt Ossa, Tasmania’s highest peak, due to the poor weather conditions. Kissavos (Ossa). Canyoning in Kolopanou canyon – Mt. Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Then we walked and walked again. The Du Cane Range has some magnificent forests and views. Canyoning in Kakoskala Ic section – Kakoskala I canyon – Mt. We camped at Mole Creek and early morning packed up camp and turned left onto Mersey Forest Road where we then had to keep an eye out for tiny Maggs Road which was our turnoff. let us be free – An Australian Travel Blog, Bulldust Gypsy travel memoirs from Red Dusty Roads to Jewel Oceans. This 36km round-trip hike should take about 1-2 days. We walked and walked. Never say never though. It starts at 850m and finishes at 1978m at the summit of Prophet Elias. The track to the summit begins at Pelion Gap on the Overland Track which connects to both Arm River Track and Penguin-Cradle Trail. Kissavos (Ossa). The natural scenery is stunning from Coastline to Alpine Plateaus, there are hiking trails, waterfalls, forests and National Parks in abundance, the distances are short and the little towns are quaint with delightful bakeries. Mt Ossa is accessible without doing the whole Overland Track. A little bit of google research goes a long way. Wet boots are always inevitable but were were so hoping for Mt Ossa to be out of the clouds. The route progresses on the south west slopes of the mountain. Change ), Hiking the Walls of Jerusalem NP TASMANIA, A 4WD called Orlando – 4×4 life in Australia, The Finke River 4WD Route (The Boggy Hole Track). We took great glee in revealing our sneaky little shortcut to get here. But this was all starting to feel very familiar to us. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. • Local transfers on dirt road from the meeting point to the activity’s location and back. This all, no doubt sounds quite horrendous but it was exciting, unpredictable and we felt like we had achieved something really special at the end. Follow let us be free – An Australian Travel Blog on All reviews side trips overland track mt ossa porridge guided walk tree roots bucket list cheesecake brilliant trip flora and fauna trek terrain hikers wilderness company fitness packs chloe lightweight hilarity clothing possums. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The advantage of … “Arioprino – Karytsa – Arioprino”, Mt. In case of being less than the above minimum of 4 persons, and still no other group available to join in, then, in order to do the chosen activity, the sum of the 4 persons minimum has to be paid. Right over the boots. Route: “To the main summit of Mt. White or transparent. Mount Ossa is Tasmania's highest peak.
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